Meet the Team

Our team members are wired to set new standards, to think of the big picture, to anticipate the clients needs—and to never stop learning.

Double J_Jordan

Jordan Matson President

Double J_Calvin

Calvin Matson Vice President

Sarah Houk

Sarah Houk Office Manager / Project Coordinator

KariAnne Clark

KariAnne Clark Project Manager / Estimator

Double J_Rod

Rod Regan Project Manager / Estimator


Cameron Mensonides Estimator

Double J_Andrew

Andrew Noles Assistant Project Manager

Double J_Alicia

Alicia Stenersen Administrative Assistant

Double J_Debra

Debra Matson Administrative Assistant

Double J_Kenneth

Kenneth Stenersen Foreman

Team Photos 2021 800x800_0008_Jonathan Contreras

Jonathan Contreras Foreman

Double J_Jerry

Jerry Thompson Foreman

Double J_CJ

CJ Flores Foreman

Rigo Villa

Rigo Villa Foreman


Licel Tobon Foreman