Residential subcontractor services for New Home Builders

What We Do...

There's a lot of dirty work that's involved in getting a site ready for a new home. If you're the developer, you need a team with the right tools, the right equipment, and the right attitude to set you up for success. Double J Excavating can help with all the foundational prep work—from digging out basements to installing septic systems to grading driveways.

Let us help build the foundation to our growing area. We love the work and we take pride in the results. 

Our Home Builder Services

  • Foundation/Crawl Space Dig Outs

    Free up wasted space below your project by calling in the experts. We'll ensure the building's structure stays strong as the foundation is hollowed out and remade. 

  • Basement Excavation & Backfill

    Increase your square footage without bringing down the property value. With our techniques and experience your basement will be safer from time and weather.

  • Dig & Install Utilities

    Need to hook up sewer, water, power, and communications? We'll lay all the pipes and cables so you can finish the project with electricity and other basic essentials.

  • Concrete Grade

    Digging holes is fun but covering them up is rewarding. We show off our skill with our smoothly surfaced driveways, sidewalks, patios and porches.

  • Site Prep

    Sometimes not all lots are flat, let our experienced operators get the most out of them challenging lots.

  • Install Septic Systems

    We install all types of septic systems, including gravity, engineered/pressure, sand mounds, oscar low flow, or drip.

  • Backfill & Compact Foundations

    Don't risk damaging your newly installed utilities or foundation. We have ways to protect the structure and integrity of all your underground assets. 

  • Concrete Slab Prep

    Installing the right base for your concrete slab or driveway can dramatically extend its lifespan. We do things right the first time to save you money.

  • Final Grading

    Ready to start landscaping? We'll do a final pass to make sure the area is ready for your final touches. 

  • Material Hauling

    We have many competitive sources for your import/export material hauling. 

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